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2019 China Australia Literary Forum

Chairing panel discussion at CALF 5 co-hosted by Writing & Society Research Centre, Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture, Australian Centre, University of Melbourne, and China Writers’ Association.

2019 Perth Festival Writers’ Weekend

Poetry like Water with Chinese poet Zheng Xiaoqiong and Australian poets Glen Phillips and Fiona Wright.

A Chinese Poet in Perth with Chinese poet Zheng Xiaoqiong.

2018 Australian Perspectives on Migration

Readings at the 16th biennial conference of GASt (German Association for Australian Studies) hosted by Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf.

2018 ACIAC Duanwu Poetry Panel

A conversation with Australian poet Mark Tredinnick on the nature of poetry writing and poetry translation.

2018 Margaret River Readers and Writers Festival

The Right to Belong with Tim Costello, Abdi Aden, and facilitator James Lush. Further reading: an article from Kathryn Greenhill.

A Chinese Affair with facilitator Will Yeoman.

2018 Sydney Writers’ Festival

New Australian Voices with Meredith Jaffé, Julie Koh, Sarah Schmidt, and host Jill Eddington.

Homemade Shorts: Australian Stories with Julie Koh, Sue Woolfe, Laura Elizabeth Woollett, and host Margo Lanagan.

2018 Newcastle Writers’ Festival

Every Sentence Counts with Ryan O’Neill, Maria Takolander, and Host Michael Sala.

Art and Life in China with Wai Chim, Madeleine O’Dea, and Host Linda Jaivin.

More Than Words: Translation and Interpretation

As part of the 2017 Asia TOPA at the Wheeler Centre, with Nobuko Aiso, Kylie Bracknell, and host Stephen Armstrong.

Interview with William Yeoman at Seven West Travel Club

Sydney author Isabelle Li’s debut short story collection is a rich exploration of Chinese culture and language, and the dissonances and mistranslations that result through migration and cross-cultural encounters.

2016 The Inaugural Australian Short Story Festival

See Isabelle on Saturday 22nd of October at 11am for In Conversation: Isabelle Li and at 1pm for Emerging Voices.

Working With Words: Interview with The Wheeler Centre

Isabelle Li … recently released her first collection of short stories, A Chinese Affair. We spoke with Isabelle about pivotal career points, Life of Pi and risk and exposure in writing.

An Enticing Affair – in Conversation with Isabelle Li

Life can be puzzling. And yet, it’s often while we’re at our most fragmented that a writer comes along and articulates things much better than we could ever hope to.

Bittersweet Book Tour

Margaret River Press guest blog.

Interview with Amanda Curtin on A Chinese Affair

It was my pleasure to work with Isabelle in the editing of the collection and I was impressed by its intelligence and depth, and the haunting beauty of the prose.

Interview with ABC International Chinese Service on A Chinese Affair

澳大利亚华裔女作家李牧原(Isabelle Li)工作之余潜心创作,十年笔耕,出版短篇小说集“A Chinese Affair”,把关注投向澳大利亚的新一代中国大陆移民 …

Interview with 774 ABC Melbourne The Conversation Hour with Jon Faine

Their first guest is writer and translator Isabelle Li, who came to Australia via Singapore after growing up in China. Her collection of short stories A Chinese Affair (Margaret River Press) has just been published.

The Genesis of an Affair

Book Launch Speech, Sydney, July 10 2016.

Interview with SBS Radio on A Chinese Affair

澳洲华人女作家Isabelle Li , 李牧原首个英文短篇小说集《A Chinese Affair》(中国情结)近日由澳洲当地出版社出版。小说集一共包含了16个短篇,于2005-2014 年之间陆续发表在澳洲小说刊物 …


Conversation with Xu Zhiyuan at Sydney Writers’ Festival

‘The most important Chinese intellectual of his generation.’ – Ai Weiwei on Xu Zhiyuan

Paper Tiger: Inside the Real China is a series of essays on a contemporary society in the world’s second largest economy. Zhiyuan speaks with Isabelle Li.

Interview with SBS Radio on Translating Almost Everything I Know


Interview with Margaret River Press

I believe in craftsmanship and technique. Painters and sculptors spend years training for their art, and so should writers who paint and sculpt with words. I also believe in effort. Between talent and a disciplined approach, I’d rather trust the latter.

Read the full interview

Interview with UTS Writers Anthology 2014

I often write on public transport, the back of a bus, the quiet carriage of a train, the cramped aisle seat of an airplane. I write at home, and away – one writes well in the solitude of a strange city in a state of jetlagged disorientation.

Read the full interview


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