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  1. Garry Jennings says:

    Hi Isabelle. I’m Garry Jennings from Newcastle. I just finished reading ‘A Chinese Affair’ and really loved it. The stories A Fishbone in the Throat, Lyrebird and Two Tongues especially resonated. I was at one of your sessions at the Newcastle Writers’ Festival but couldn’t get hold of the book until a couple of weeks later. Thank you again! Garry

  2. Zohra Aly says:

    Dear Isabelle,
    As an editor of the UTS Writers’ Anthology, I have some exciting news. This year sees the 35th edition of our much-loved series – now spanning forty years of publication (some years having been missed or combined) and showcasing the earliest work of many of Australia’s most cherished and successful authors.
    One of your stories has been selected for this special edition, and I’d be grateful if you can get in touch with me so I can share more details with you via email.
    Thanks in advance,
    Zohra Aly
    on behalf of the UTS Writers’ Anthology 35th Anniversary Edition Editorial

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